Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sites linking in to Wealth Matters - www.mywealthmodel.blogspot.com

As listed on www.alexa.com, this very blog that you are reading Wealth Matters www.mywealthmodel.blogspot.com has 430,891 sites linking in!

Something must be right if 430,891 sites link to this blog as recorded by alexa!!

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Top 3 readers' Favorite right now, Read them if you missed it and see for yourself maybe that's why 430,891 sites link in :

1) 0% Interest Rate for your Savings Account! 
- Understanding the interest rates given for your savings account by the banks and what it means in terms of interest earned on your capital.

2) The Crisis of Credit Visualized 
- Video explaining the Crisis of Credit in a simple to understand explanation on matters such as sub-prime mortgages, collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps.

3) Conmen pose as landlords in Online Scams 
- Take note of property rental online scam that has been reported in the papers and what to watch out for if you are sourcing to rent.

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