Thursday, May 27, 2010

Revealed! - The proven system for filling your inbox with fat cheques from little known internet companies that desperately need your help! by Jaz Lai

  • Topics: Online Business, Internet Marketing, Email list
  • Speaker: Jaz Lai
  • Time: 730pm to 10pm
  • Location: Suntec City Convention Level 2
  • Register
    • Online:
  • Organized by: Click Events
  • Website:


**Please note: This is for the purpose of sharing information only. It is not an endorsement for or against the trainers, seminars or courses. Information stated is what happened on the day I attended, details may defer for different batches. Do your own research, make your own judgement. **

The location was accessible and easy to find. Suntec City Convention Center, most of us would have been there before. There were many people waiting around for the seminar and they have a banner and registration table which makes it easy to locate when you are around the area

The timing of the seminar was given as 730pm to 10pm. The registration started at 7pm and the actual preview lasted from 730pm to 945pm. There were 60 to 70 attendees. It was a mixture of young and old, white collar and blue collar workers. There were students and retirees as well. Some of the attendees seem to know about internet marketing and experienced in online businesses. 

730pm It started with showing of testimonials from successful ex-students of his course. Had an “emcee” who shared his own testimony and did the introduction for Jaz Lai. Super cheesy move of getting everyone to stand up and clap to welcome the arrival of Jaz Lai.

745pm Jaz begins his preview. Explained basic concepts of driving traffic to freebies and earning money and touched on affiliate marketing.
Gave his background on hows he got started on internet marketing and described it as a “magic button”.
Explained the 3 step money system that Gurus use which has NEVER failed before.
  1.  Lead Capture Mechanism – Building a squeeze page where there’s a headline, free product, its benefits in bullet form and a registration form for people to sign up with name and email address to get the free product.
  2. Build a database of subscribe – More traffic = Bigger list
    •    How to direct traffic to your site? – Written article, Audio, Video, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Email your lis

  3. Send them a targeted offer

My takeaways from the preview? He gives more information than what you can usually and easily find online. Found the session useful and there's more value-add to some readily available information online.

9pm His course? Create your own money making magic button: 3-day training 10am to 6pm
What you will learn (as advertised)? 
Sell to a market with tons of buyers.
Build a mega list in 90 days.
Own squeeze page.
System with multiple income and ZERO maintenance.
Your own list of subscribers.
Exact email templates.

After training follow-up
Attached success coach to guide you along.
24 hour support system.
Office hour Live support over phone or sms
1 refresher training a month after workshop
Bonus: 7 Days quick cash formula, which is a mini launch sequence, potentially making $5,000 to $25,000
Activity Schedule.

Advertised as $2,497.
If sign up $1,997

Ends with more testimonials.

They have a great follow-up system. Received a call the next day to ask about how I felt about the preview? The price and the course? etc.. And whether I would like to sign up! (Which I didn't)



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