Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High Paying Jobs Not in Singapore.. but in Asia...

In my previous entry, I blogged about the Top 100 best paying jobs in Singapore This entry is about high paying jobs not just in Singapore but Asia... and not just any high paying jobs in Asia but what they view as the weirdest high-paying jobs in Asia as reported in Forbes.

Here's a look at some of the jobs:

  1. Would you like to earn $110,000 just for two months' work?
    • You can if you are a pearl diver in the pearl-harvesting town of Broome, Australia
    • The catch? It's very dangerous!
    • Work 100 feet below ocean's surface to gather shells and oysters from the sea floor being dragged by long lines that feed you air.

  2. If wine is your thing, be an expert in it!
    • A High-End Sommelier in Hong Kong can earn up to $123,000 per annum
    • Create wine lists for the restaurants and recommend the perfect wine to complement customers' meals and palates.

  3. Is cooking up a meal your expertise?
    • Enjoying the cooking underwater helps in being a Submarine Chef who can earn up to $227,500 a year in Australia's armed forces due to the difficulty in luring chefs underwater.
    • That's equivalent to the pay of a navy rear admiral!

  4. Love to teach and motivate students to excel in their studies?
    • Be a Celebrity Tutor in Hong Kong
    • Earn up to $1.5million (are you serious??!!) if you can convince parents of your worth and win the students' affections
    • (I just know I should have continued giving tuition from uni...)
  5. Laying Bricks pays!
    • Bricklayer in Australia is very much in demand across the country and can earn up to $60,000 per annum for their skills.

As seen on Asia's Weirdest High-Paying Jobs


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