Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leanna Archer - 14 year-old teen makes $680,000 a year from home!

Read about Leanna Archer, a 14 year-old girl from US making money, $680,000 a year to be exact, from home in The Straits Times 7 Aug 2010 - Teen makes $680,000 a year

Leanna Archer's family has been using home-made all-natural hair products for two generations. As she often got compliments on her hair and questions on what hair products she used, she struck upon the idea of commercializing the home-made hair products at the grand old age of EIGHT years old. 

She started her business online, selling the home-made pomade. Now, her all-natural hair-product line has 14 products from shampoos to hair mist and is sold at health food and beauty stores in the US.

Glad to read that despite success in her business at a young age, business is not her life. She balances her schoolwork and her business with the help of her family and has set her sights on Harvard Law school. She is also raising funds for impoverished children from Haiti, where her great-grandmother is from. She is also a motivational speaker inspiring other young people to fulfill their dreams. In fact, she is in Singapore to speak at a forum entitled what Makes A Young Champion held in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games.

Lessons I learnt from reading about her?

1. Age is not a factor in pursuing your dreams and achieving success
How many of us has told ourselves, we are too young to be successful or we are too old to be successful? Leanna Archer started at age 8 and is only 14 now, Colonel Sanders was 65 when he took to franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants! What age is it just perfect to be successful? The answer could be now regardless of our age.

2. Road to success is paved with obstacles
Obstacles and objections. We are not talking about people who wish for you to fail, even loved ones who have your best interests at heart may be an obstacle. Leanna Archer was advised by her parents to pursue her budding business idea only after she completes her college. Great advice but she was not willing to wait that long and took steps to convince her parents by doing market research on her own, passing the home made hair products to friends to try. They kept asking her for more and people started calling the home to order. What can we do to overcome obstacles to our dreams and goals?

3. Family Support
Often vital to the equation, her whole family is helping her make the products and package them and her dad accompanies her on overseas trips.

4. Detractors come with success
There will always be someone unhappy or critical. A comment left on her website's guestbook was negative and personal. Not sure who is right or wrong but whatever you do when you become famous comes under the spotlight. That is something that fame brings.

5. Online business
Whatever great business idea and proposition you have on making money, you may want to consider doing it online. Instead of citing lack of funds or capital to stop you, internet business is low cost and could be a good ground to test your idea. It can even be used to test yourself on how good an entrepreneur you are before you plunge in.  

You can read more about Leanna Archer at

Go on.. Follow your dreams!


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