Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money Saving Tip - Sample before Purchase

How often have we bought something based on recommendations from friends or product reviews we read in the magazines or forums?
Perhaps the salesperson was very good at what he/she does and promoted more products than we intended to buy?

How often have we spent and regretted these purchase decisions?

How often have we wished that we could get samples of the products before we make the purchase?

Well, now you can!

You can try free samples of the products. 
Mostly beauty care products for females and males such as facial products, shampoo and Bb cream.

Is it really FREE?
Well.. ALMOST!
All you need to pay is the delivery charges which is only $2.99. (They are sample sizes after all.)

So what is the catch?
As far as I can see, none so far. All you have to do is give a review of the products after you use it.

I think it is a win-win situation: you try, you like, you buy.

It will help us to save money, not by us being a "cheapo" since some are really minuscule sample sizes but by making sure when we make the purchases, we have already tried them and know for sure that we like them!

Interested to find out more? Click below for details...

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