Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for a Job in Singapore?

Foreigner looking for a job in Singapore? If you are, read more to find out what you can do to help yourself rather than fly to Singapore on a Social Visit Pass and pray for the best in you job hunting during that time.

Yes, that is what some foreigners have done and I have encountered a few while interviewing candidates. The kind of urgency I feel they have in their job hunt in Singapore as a foreigner? They apply and send in resumes even though due to the nature of my industry, we specifically indicate only Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible.

So if you are looking forward to working in Singapore, read the below article on the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (Epec) which may increase your chances of landing that job in Singapore as a Foreigner!

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More foreign grads turn to job-search scheme - The Straits Times (Dec 8 2010) By Elizabeth Soh and Amanda Tan

More applying for pass that allows stay of up to a year, say agencies

Apply for an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (Epec), which allows foreign university graduates to stay here for up to a year while looking for a job.

It is said that Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (Epec) would increase chances of finding a job, as employers see it as more credible.

Although the scheme was launched way back in 1992, it is not as widely known as other passes - such as the Employment Pass (EP) meant for professionals who earn $2,500 and more, or the S-Pass for mid-level skilled workers who are paid at least $1,800.

To be eligible for the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (Epec), applicants must be graduates from any of the close to 700 universities on MOM's approved list, among other requirements.

Agencies observed that the scheme has become more popular in the past year - especially among foreign graduates from the less-known universities - as the MOM tightened requirements for certain work passes, such as the S-Pass.

While Epec holders typically gear for EP jobs, they sometimes also settle for the S-Pass if the company cannot pay them a higher scale.

The article said that the scheme has also attracted foreign students enrolled in private schools here. Some students from China said they were told about the Epec when they came to Singapore to enrol in private degree course.

Agencies said some foreigners also prefer to apply for an Epec because they are more likely to get an EP - instead of an S-Pass - if they manage to clinch a job here.

According to the MOM, eligible applicants are generally from the "more established" institutions and they are more "likely to qualify for an employment pass upon securing employment in Singapore".


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Friday, December 3, 2010

Integrity Under Pressure

I read something written by Zig Ziglar quite a few months back on integrity and it is still stuck in my mind. It must mean it is really good and worth sharing with you.

Finally went searching for it again and here it is. Great article on integrity under pressure

Would you have passed the test?

Here's the article....