Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Singapore's richest families and individuals

The wealthiest families and individuals in Singapore have become richer due to a resurgent Singapore economy that is set for record growth as reported in Singapore's Richest - The Straits Times 30 July 2010 
The net worth of Singapore's 40 richest people had grown by 17% to US45.7 billion in the latest Forbes Singapore's 40 Wealthiest

Below is the list of the Top 40 Singapore's Richest families/individuals

Singapore's Richest Top 40

So what is the secret to being on the list of Singapore's top money makers?

Real Estate appears in the list more than any other industry for Singapore's richest. Real Estate is the industry that 20% of Singapore's Top 40 Wealthiest is in. If you take into consideration Property as well, the figure goes up to 30%

Second on the list of industries that Singapore's rich is in? Banking which makes up 12.5%. Followed by Investments which constitutes 10%.

Top 3 Industries the rich use to grow their money: 
1) Real Estate
2) Banking
3) Investments

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