Saturday, July 24, 2010

Selecting a Financial Consultant - Debunking the Myth

Whose money is it anyway? - The Straits Times 23 July 2010. An article written by me about how you should go about selecting a financial consultant by looking beyond his marketing savvy.

Whose money is it anyway? - In choosing a Financial Consultant, look beyond his marketing savvy
I tried to make the article as easy to understand as possible and suggested the question to be asked if faced with the common claims made by Financial Consultants or Financial Advisers. Read the article for the full story.

The four main points which I highlighted in the article and the question to be asked:

  1. This is the best financial product in the market.
    • On what basis is the recommendation suitable for me?
  2. The more awards the better. 
    • How did you qualify for the awards?
  3. We are the best financial services company.
    • Best in what area?
  4. We can source for you the best products from different companies.
Selecting a good financial consultant may help you a lot more than just saving some dollars and cents.

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