Saturday, July 17, 2010

Money Saving Tip - Credit Card

Credit Card Annual Fee
It pays to go through your credit card bill. I don't know about you but I don't believe in paying for my credit card annual fee. It may come in the form of dollar amount listed as a debit in your bill or you do not see any dollar amount but they have already deducted it through your rewards points.

My credit card renewal fees for the different cards range from $180 to $300. I just don't see why I should be paying it when new applicants for the credit card get fee waivers. ALWAYS call in to request they waive it off. Don't have to be embarrassed about doing it. I think it is shocking if you haven't done it before. I think it is SO common, they even have it as an option in their automated recorded messages. If you have say 3 credit cards, that will save you about $600!

Of course, the more often you use the card and the higher the amount you usually use, the higher the chance for them to accede to your request. If you hardly ever use the card, I doubt they will agree to the waiver.

Late Payment Charges
If you are as careless as I am or living in the stone age like I am (I still prefer to pay through AXS machines, makes me feel the pain!), there may be instances where you would have forgotten or missed the payment deadline. Late payment charge of $50 + interest is the norm.
Again, CALL and request for the charges to be waived off. That's too much to pay for forgetfulness.

Again, the more business you have with them the higher the chance. However, that is also provided it doesn't happen often!

In any case, no harm trying..

Happy Saving! =)

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