Thursday, July 1, 2010

S$409,000 to lunch with "the most well-known loser"

Another inspiring story to remind ourselves... NEVER EVER GIVE UP! You may have to suffer some setbacks, you may have to take a different path, you may even have to do something totally different but if you can keep on fighting, you can still get the success you deserve.

Shi Yuzhu was known as "the most well-known loser" in China when he ended up in debt to the tune of 200million yuan (thats currently about SGD$41,217,243.80!!!!) after his company collapsed in 1997. I am sure there would have been many nay-sayers and people who shunned him. How easy it would have been to give up then and I am sure nobody would have blamed him. How many of us would have given up then?

Well, luckily he didn't give up. It took him seven years from his "loser" status to going on to found Giant Interactive a online game developer and operator in China in 2004. Giant Interactive got listed in New York in 2007! Not bad for a "most well-know loser"!

Now? A Warren Buffett style power lunch auction with Mr Shi Yuzhu was won with a bid of 2 million yuan (S$409,000)! The proceeds from the winning bid goes to Charity, of course. At number 616 in Forbes World's Billionaires List in 2010 with US$1.6Billion net worth, he doesn't need it! I'm cheap, you can have lunch with me for $409! Proceeds will naturally.. go to me!!.. I'm not on any list just yet...

Buffett-style lunch with Chinese Billionaire - Sunday Times 20 Jun 2010


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