Thursday, June 10, 2010

Turning Passion and Hobby into Business

Ever wondered if your hobby or passion can ever be turned into a million-dollar business? 
Ever faced the dilemma of pursuing your passion or doing what is "practical"?
Wouldn't it be great if you can earn a living ( a very decent living) from doing what you truly love and not dragging yourself through the monotonous job requirements?
If you still have the passion in you to really pursue what you love, do not let the passion die. There's hope yet, read on!

I always enjoy reading success stories. They are so inspiring and it gives us all a chance to recharge and pursue our dreams with the positivity gained! To do anything different from the norm of corporate job - be it Financial Consulting, Property Sales, Business, Internet Marketing etc - is oftentimes mentally tough. Quite often, people will be telling you statements such as "be like everyone else and get a job", "I don't think you are suitable" and "please be practical". Sure, take all the advice especially those of loved ones who mean well. However, sometimes it is about overcoming obstacles, including well-meaning loved ones.

If you are looking for another inspiring story, the following article could be one of them:

Her hobby is now a million-dollar business - The Straits Times Wednesday, June 9 2010

Who? Nicole Yee

What I learnt from reading the article:

Lessons on Turning your Hobby to a Million-Dollar Business Secrets

1) You are never too young to start - She was 25 years old when she started. So for people (cause I am past that age) who put things off or who like to convince yourself that you are too young to do anything. Act NOW!

2) Perseverance - Success does not come overnight - It has been 9 years since she started. Though not reported in the article, I am sure there would have been times where thought of giving up crossed her mind.

3) Opportunity in Adversity - It is always easy for us to blame the external environment such as the economy. She started in the aftermath of the bust when the sites she visited for information were shut down. She saw the opportunity to fill the gap.

4) Hardwork - She was an OMO (one-man-operation) for 6 years. Single handedly managing the business. 

5) Visualization - Growing up, Nicole and her brother played games and acted like they were running the business of her dad's hardware and machinery factory.

6) Innovation - From a site started as a cosy corner for women to read up on things that interest them, it now makes money from advertisements, organizing events and offering product samples. They have even developed an iPhone application!

The rewards? Last year her firm posted revenue of $1.16million. 

So ladies and gentlemen, continue pursuing your dreams and passion!

Cliche as it may be, 
"If you love your job, you never have to work a single day in your life."

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