Thursday, June 3, 2010

Money Saving Tip on your Mobile Phone Bill - To Roam or Not to Roam

This money saving tip can save you up to $120 per year and all you need to do is to drop your mobile telco a email or call.

See the innocent looking line in your monthly mobile phone bill that reads "AutoRoam"?
Monthly deduction of up to $10 per month for this AutoRoam subscription. (depending on telco - 
Starhub: $10 Registration, $5 monthly fee; 
M1: $20 Registration, $10 monthly fee;
Singtel: Registration Waived, $10 monthly fee)

Usually, it starts off innocently enough. Free subscription for a few months after which the monthly fee starts. A sales strategy to capitalize on people's laziness and forgetfulness to deal with it. 

So what is AutoRoam? It allows you to make calls on your mobile phones when you are overseas. 
Some of you will be asking, "But I do go overseas occasionally, if I cancel AutoRoam, won't I be unable to make calls while I am overseas?"

Well, you can still make calls overseas whether or not you subscribe to AutoRoam.

So what is the difference?
20% Surcharge on your calls

Of course, if you are overseas often for pleasure or work, it makes sense to subscribe to AutoRoam if you use your mobile phones regularly while overseas.
However if you are like me, you do not travel overseas very often and even if you are overseas, you  do not need to make regular or lengthy phone calls, it may be better to cancel the AutoRoam subscription.

Do the maths, it may save you up to $120 per year! 

Information on Roaming for the Respective Telcos



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  2. Some tips to save money on cell phone.
    1.Check out what phone and plan best suit your needs.You can compare different carrier plans and pricing and choose the good one.
    2.Avoid costly calls,Making toll-free calls on cell phones is not free. You will be charged for the minutes used.
    3.Try to avoid downloads like ringtones, software, video streaming, and games use up a lot of data.Also use Wi-Fi for internet usage.
    4.Voice and data plan prices change frequently, so if you have had your plan for a while, check out the cost before you renew.
    5.Use smartphone calling apps like Skype,Line etc
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