Thursday, August 24, 2017

Insurance Adviser to the rescue

In this week's AgentsWIN, the weekly newsletter produced by Asia Insurance Review to showcase the great work that the unsung heroes of the insurance industry do day in, day out and to help these agents and advisers get even better at what they do (sign up here), read about:

This was first posted on my LinkedIn: 

1: Asia's Insurance Agent of the Year: Divya Tusnial

(Who has qualified for 2018's TOT in 3 months by the way!)
What pushed Divya to join the insurance industry? Why the Awards means so much to her? And what's her activities like to achieve her success?

2: Insurance Adviser to the rescue

Insurance industry often gets a bad rep because oftentimes when it is being covered on the front pages or when a post goes viral online, it is because of unprofessional practices by insurance companies or agents/advisers.
The value a professional insurance adviser brings often goes unnoticed. We believe that should change!
Hence, more people should read about and share how a financial consultant went out of her way (and how the insurance company delivered) to help a policyholder who had no idea that she was covered for and could claim for a critical illness benefit. This even though the financial consultant wasn't the original adviser and had no financial benefits whatsoever in doing so.

3. Useful tips & tricks on LinkedIn - increase profile views by up to 14X

Some simple useful tips for all of us by Mac Witmer, Relationship Manager of Key Accounts at LinkedIn - the professional network with half a billion members in 200 countries - to increase profile views by up to 14 times.
Find out how many potential relationships come with each connection!

4. Agents will continue to lead even in digital age - industry leaders

While there's much talk about the relevance of insurance advisers in the digital world, senior industry leaders at a Life Regional Roundtable in Hong Kong organised by Asia Insurance Review say that agents will continue to be the main driving force behind insurance sales, even in this digital age.
Nowhere is the importance of the human touch more evident than the continued effectiveness of life insurance agents in Asia, even with all the technological disruptions that have allowed insurers to connect directly to the customer.

5. Even digital customers want human touch

And further evidence that face-to-face is not disappearing anytime soon even with all the tech and gadgets available to us, Accenture Strategy's Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement report says that even for customers (especially millennials) who are typically more prone to use digital channels, there are many situations in which customers prefer to engage with people.
Read more about it and find the link to download the report in the story.

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