Friday, January 18, 2013

Case closed - WPG Group, T3B

My past few entries have been about my encounter with T3B.

I was finally contacted shortly after my last entry and had a meeting with Keane Lee and his staff.

They explained why there was a delay and have settled the matter. 

This is neither a condemnation nor endorsement. 

I consider this the end of my experiment and the matter closed.

As usual, before parting with your money. 
Keep both eyes open, ask lots of questions, and keep documentary proof.


  1. Hi Ben, thank you for your blog and your advice on investments. May I ask what keane and his staff told you in the meeting esp the wpg Myanmar hotel thing. Thank you so much..

  2. Hi, like I said, I consider the case closed.
    You can read about what I have written so far, I will not be adding anything else.

    Thanks for your kind words and dropping by.
    No advice on investments though, just sharing interesting stuff I come across.

  3. Dear Benjamin,

    I am an loyal and avid follower of your blog.
    I must feedback, I am some what disappointed in the way you've closed this chapter on this subject regarding WPG &/or T3B system.

    It seems like you've kinda lost your truth finding crusader spirit in this particular subject.

    It's just fishy and disappointing with regards to the it's been closed.

    Why don't you share more light in the most legally &/or personally safe manner with us?
    I seriously hope your personal safety or legal rights is not in any way in danger.

    Quiet Loyal Follower (disappointed)

  4. Dear Quiet Loyal Follower (albeit disappointed at the way the case closed),

    First of all, thanks for your interest and following the blog.

    As for your comment, like you also pointed out, I have to be wary of posting anything that can potentially be libelous.

    When it is a matter of me pointing out something inaccurate that was said, or when there was no reply, it was clear cut black or white. It is either a fact or not.

    But when it is regarding what happened, and whether it is reasonable, then it is more subjective and the risk is higher.

    You may also be aware that in such cases, there are usually requests for Non-Disclosure Agreement, or to take down the posts.

    I'm not sure whether I have the "truth finding crusader spirit" but the posts being still up say something as well.