Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WPG Group, T3B, WPG Hotel Group - ask more questions before you invest

Some readers were searching for whether t3b system works when they found my blog. Of course, my previous entry was: 

Can you trust T3B Trading System, Keane Lee, WP Global Group, WPG Hotel Group ?

I think more important than whether the system works (which it doesn't work as well as claimed) is whether a company is trustworthy, reliable and honest when dealing with customers or clients.

As mentioned in my previous entry, I've made it very clear that T3B made a false statement to The Straits Times in "Sure-win schemes not a sure thing", The Straits Times, 28 Oct 2012. I've emailed Keane Lee himself, yes the "Chairman" of "WP Global", the "Group Chairman" of "WPG Hotel Group" and also the "Founder" of "T3B System" to highlight the inaccuracy and to seek clarification. Surprise.. surprise.. (or not).. he did not reply. I wanted to know whether the false statement was due to some slip up, incompetency of the person who was authorised to speak to the press and did not find out the facts of the issue, or was it simply plain dishonesty and a lie. But no reply, which is quite consistent with the delaying tactics and ignoring of emails he and T3B have responded to my queries, I guess.

More on T3B system later and how the company and Keane Lee himself suddenly stopped replying to my emails when presented with documentary proof. 

I read with interest how now WPG Hotel Group is sharing investment opportunities in Myanmar and is inviting "investors to come on a journey to
experience their philosophy in wealth creation and to capitalize on this unique; and highly lucrative opportunity in Myanmar". More words like "substantial profits" and "passive income" appear on its website.

I was concerned initially when I read online about a Myanmar newsmedia which reported about WPG Hotel Group and carried the following information "A check with a senior officer of the Myanmar Investment Commission and Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development said that as of September 24, no application from WPG to invest in hotels in Naypyitaw have been submitted."  

But since then on WPG Hotel Group's website, they have a one line caption and some pictures of the "groundbreaking session".

It may indeed be a good investment opportunity, but I would strongly suggest you ask more questions before parting with your money. Take a look at the legal documents and ask more questions. 

And if you do invest with them, pray hard that everything goes well. Because if anything is amiss, if my experience with Keane Lee and T3B is anything to go by, be prepared for delays and non-response to your emails even if you have documents and proof to back it up and despite any commitments or even "guarantees". And if they can do that for an issue of only a few thousand dollars, good luck if it involves tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars!


  1. you must be unlucky, i am a happy t3b student for many years, and always get reply from their admin, eventhough i never email keane before... i guess it is hard to get chairman of huge company to reply to most people....

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Promises made to reply not kept.
      Unlucky? Nothing to do with luck.

      False statement made to the press. That's luck also? I don't think so. Like I said, may be slip up, may be incompetency or may be T3B is plain dishonest and lied about it. Guess we will never know because nobody is clarifying from T3B side.

      Anyway, I think it will be good for comments to be non-anonymous.
      If you are so happy, you should make yourself known.
      Else, it is highly suspect and dubious. Just raises more questions in having "Anonymous" people give testimony and "defense".

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