Monday, April 26, 2010

About this Blog

Want to earn big bucks but don't know how?
With so many "Gurus" and so many seminars & courses advertised in the newspapers daily, have you wondered: Is it for real? 

Forex Trading, Stocks & Shares Invesment; Value, Technical & Trend Investing Strategy; Options Trading; Online Internet Business Marketing; Property & Real Estate Investment; Entrepreneurship talks; Wealth Creation Strategies.... The list is endless..

Oftentimes, these courses come with: great testimonials by ex-students, the "I earned $XXX after attending the course, so can you!"; great promises the"Never before.. Secrets finally revealed!"; the great lifestyle that awaits "Make money regardless of market and economic.. earn passive income for the lifestyle that you always dreamed about!"..

If it's so easy, then why aren't there more wealthy people among the average Joes?
At the same time, if it worked for some of the people who attended, why can't it work for YOU?

The internet is a rich source of information, unfortunately too rich perhaps, which may result in information overload. There are also a lot of Financial "gurus" who give advice in forums and online. 

Most of us would like to create wealth greater than what we have now. 
If you are reading this, very likely that is the goal you have as well. So before you jump into it and attend all or none of the courses and listen to just anybody who is giving advice, I hope this site can help you come to a more informed decision. More importantly, give us the red flags if there should be anything to be concerned about such as investment scams, Ponzi schemes, Pyramid Selling or Financial Gurus who are not such a Guru.

That is the reason I created this blog because I couldn't find much information when I was considering to attend certain previews or even courses which usually cost anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000. Also, you often talk to people who hear and read about stuff online and take it as the gospel. Here is what I hope to achieve:

1. Review the Previews - Give you an account of the Preview that I will attend, so that you do not have to waste that 2 or 3 hours to attend if it will not be of any value-add. (attending all the courses will be too costly for me, unless of course there are sponsors! =p)
2. Discussion - Where people can discuss about the courses to attend or the effectiveness of the courses for people who have attended so we can come to a more informed decision.
3. All about Money - All Wealth matters, financial news, anything to do with money and tips on how to stretch or grow our money.

Let's create wealth together!

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