Friday, April 26, 2013

How much does a degree holder earn compared to a diploma holder?

Online business degrees, private universities, full time local universities, the choices seem endless to pursue further education and earn a degree.

But a more fundamental question could be is it worth it all to get a degree, especially with horror stories of non accredited universities, degrees that are not recognized, and worst of all, a school closing down when money and effort has been put in. 

And what about successful people you always read in the papers, magazines etc. who flunked examinations and were kicked out of schools?

So the question begets, how much does a degree holder earn compared to a diploma holder over a lifetime?

A Bachelor's degree-holder can expect to earn 84% more over a lifetime than one with a high school diploma, according to "The Value of a University Education" on Ministry of Education's website, which quoted a study by Georgetown Centre on Education and the Workforce (

It also says that beyond private economic benefits, a university education may also fulfill loftier objectives, such as promoting the pursuit of knowledge and holistic development of the individual

In addition, the value of a university education is not reaped by the individual alone. Among other things, access to and attainment of university education creates a pool of resilient workforce for the future economy, promotes social mobility, and yields positive externalities such as social stability and well-being. 
While substantial private returns may incentivise individuals to pursue a university education on his/her accord, the public benefits, both economic and non-economic ones, also strengthen the case for some public funding of university education to fulfill broader societal objectives.

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