Wednesday, August 3, 2011

82% of Singaporeans got a pay rise

Wonder how many Singaporeans got a pay increase or salary rise this year (2011)?
Here is the finding from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters which conducted a global web survey of 3,200 professionals.

More than 82% of the 752 Singaporeans who took the survey in Singapore say they received a wage increase.

Here are more of the findings:

40% of employees saw their wage increase by 1 to 5% 
20% of workers saw their salary increase by 6 to 10%
14% of workers received a salary jump between 11 and 20%
8% of employees got a surging 21% and above pay rise

Reasons for the increase include Singapore's strong economic growth last year and companies trying to retain their best employees by providing with competitive remuneration.

Did you get what you deserve?

First read on Head Hunt.


  1. Wow! Congratulations guys you deserved it and you have a very nice Government.

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