Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guaranteed Job Interviews With Top Companies

Get interviews with big corporations such as SingTel, Shell, Millennium & Copthorne International.Promises of high salaries and guaranteed interviews for job seekers - for a fee.

If you have seen this some where before or you have got offers for guaranteed interviews for a fee... it is a SCAM!

Reported in the papers today, there have been cases of "recruiters" or "head-hunters" offering such a service for job seekers for a fee and request for resumes. So far most cases reported have been from Pakistan and companies have been putting up notices and warnings on their websites. So "new recruits" were asked to transfer significant sums to pay for work permits and insurance.
The scammers even get the applicants to fill in bogus application forms and visa forms - complete with the company's name and logo on the documents! Fraudulent domain name URLs have also been reported. 

Other than the sums involved, it is reported that the wealth of personal details in resumes are also sought-after by these scammers for financial gains when sold in the underground economy.

To avoid falling victim to such scams, the police advised job hunters to be wary of offers that require fees to be paid in advance and those which come via an e-mail address from free web-based e-mail providers.

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