Sunday, November 28, 2010

Investment Advice from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers - Credit below pic

  1. Get out of the US dollar
  2. Buy commodities
  3. Invest in China

What business journalist Gabriel Chen learnt from and the insights given to him by Jim Rogers, the former business partner of hedge fund icon George Soros.

Act on your Convictions with Discipline

How Jim Rogers demonstrated that? 

He relocated his family to Singapore to be in Asia and has his two daughters learning to speak good Mandarin.

As quoted from the article in The Sunday Times 28 Nov 2010,

"To succeed in investing, you must be able to exhibit good judgement and have enough courage to act on your conviction. Conviction isn't worth a lot if you don't pair it with discipline. Once you have a solid thesis, you should stick to what you know and what you believe in."

How much does he believe in the rise of China and his daughters learning Mandarin?

".. It's the best investment I've made and ever will make...."

Time to brush up my Chinese and Mandarin.

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